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(translated from the original French)

I have never been a champion in English but I'm doing well.Except when it's Misty White who talks to me with her Middle-West accent, even in French I do not understand everything. Nevertheless, I received her message 5/5 when she handed me her LP, all shy, almost touching with candor and simplicity, so that I write what I feel "in my Mind". This is not the exercise that I prefer, I love the concerts, I can be wrong, say anything, it's so subjective, and then a bad concert can hide another.But a record ...Fruit of the work of several months, or even several years, result of collaborations, synonymous with human adventure, it is still more delicate. And then, I do not have the pictures, just my two ears.Well, friends, I'm lucky, because without forcing myself, I like this record. I would say even more, he touches me.And frankly, knowing the sometimes erratic performance of the Miss, I did not expect such a result. Certainly the presence of the band to Misty in full (Harlan Bobo T, Youn, Gildas, Miss Raphaelle) more guests of the quality of Lo Spider, Julien Leclerc, Domi or Adrian Bang, were the guarantee that the result could not be bad, but I had also heard about the adventures of the recording, some even doubting that the disc will come out someday.We're dealing with a mix of rocks well removed, punk thrusts, ballads a little folk, that was expected from a close friend of Harlan T Bobo, but the balance of the disc is surprising . We do not get bored for a second, each new piece brings a new color, and finally just finished, we rush to listen to it, taken by some sort of bewitchment. It's raw, it's rough, and it's terribly romantic at times.I understand from reading the cover notes that the project was initiated with the fire-her husband, Philippe Lombardi (there are two pieces that date from this time) and that the final project would probably never seen the day without the support of faithful friends who supported him in these years of galley. This is the diary of a battered woman, not spared by life, who has remained standing despite the hardships, but it is also a record radiating hope and optimism, a beautiful lesson of courage and resistance, a rare thing in these days. It's funny, because a priori there would not be much to see, but the reference that comes to me is "So Alone", the solo record of Johnny Thunder, another great skinned by life , as well in the tone, the variety of climate, the alternation of rage and anger returned and the moments soothed.A record of great humanity that seduced me immediately and I put myself back on the deck, just for fun, now that my column is written.Thank you, madam, for this gift.It was worth the wait (!!!)Respect.

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